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The leading GPS provider in the Philippines

We are a company that has been 35 years in the making. Although our actual operational years has been nearly a decade, our founder and owner, Mr. Neil Sherwin Dychauco grew up in a family business where trucks and logistics were part of his everyday life.

First hand know-how in the hardware business, coupled with years of being groomed and having worked in family owned construction and retail distribution business, it is clearly understood that the importance of a business is in it’s value proposition of maintaining a consistent profit flow and managing the points of loss, in this case through mismanaged logistics and transportation services.

Having seen his family members go through so much loss due to the inefficient manual ways of monitoring the truck drivers and other logistical employees on moving vehicles, he strongly emphasised with the pain of losing millions over inefficient monitoring.

SSD VENTURES founded in 2012 and in under a decade has become the top VEHICLE TRACKING SERVICE PROVIDER in the VISAYAS & MINDANAO territory’s. With more than 12000 units of vehicles tracked nationwide, SSD VENTURES is making fast inroads in the nation’s capital area of Luzon as well.

Not just another faceless corporation that is after money, SSD VENTURES is poised to become Philippines number 1 GPS Provider by being the trusted system for our clients. It is not mere marketing speak, but SSD Service support is available on call, whole year around, so you can sleep in peace knowing that we don’t.